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3 Thrifty Tips for Shopping Second Hand

Many people grew up with thrift store shopping as part of how their family shopped. However, thrifting wasn’t necessarily popular; it was a way to survive when times were tough. Thrift stores have increased in popularity in the last few years because expenses are rising in every area of life and because it’s such a fun way to shop!

However, if you didn’t grow up thrifting, it can feel overwhelming and sometimes disappointing when you try thrifting but don’t have any luck finding the things you’re hoping to find. The Mission Thrift Boutique is a social enterprise of The Upper Room Mission and we want everyone to have a great experience thrifting!

Here are a few Thrifty Tips to help you gain confidence while shopping second hand: 

1. See the potential. Anyone interested in thrifting must have a positive attitude about what something could be. Creativity is key here. Whether it is an item of clothing, you could modify or style in a new way or a home decor item you hadn’t considered before – seeing the potential in the item is so important. Sometimes, the things you find at the thrift store may need a good scrub to show their whole shine. Don’t let items throw you off if they aren’t what you’re hoping for. Be creative and take a minute to consider what it could be! 

2. Be Patient. Thrifting is an act of patience. You aren’t always going to hit a home run at the thrift store, especially if you are trying to find something particular. Creativity and an open mind are also helpful here. But if you have one of those days where you didn’t find anything, take heart; tomorrow is a new day, and every new day in the thrift store, there is a new treasure to be found!

3. Come back often. This is crucial. Thrift stores restock their shelves DAILY. Every day is a chance to find the perfectly unique, cool or quirky item you’re hoping for. Or a new day to find the brand, style or purchase you’ve been waiting for. So frequent stops at your favourite thrift shops are crucial to becoming a successful thrifter. 

These three tips will help you get on your way to being a thrifty shopper. You’ll find all the best stuff at great prices in your style. Not only that, you’ll support the environment by shopping sustainably, AND when you shop at The Mission Thrift Boutique, you also support the most vulnerable in our community. All the proceeds come back to The Upper Room Mission and the people we serve in our community. 

Bonus tip: Never ignore the bins or items you need to do more “digging” and hunting through. The best gems can be found in bins and corners where others might not look as often. 

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