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A Call To Build a Community of Prayer

Love Your Neighbours, Transform Your Community Through Prayer

Loving our neighbours is one of the most important calls we hear as we listen to the words of Jesus. To love God and love others are the greatest commandments and the sum of all the Law according to Jesus. Daily at the Upper Room Mission, we strive to love and meet the spiritual and physical needs of our community’s marginalized, unsheltered and isolated members. It is an often overwhelming goal, but we see God’s love and care revealed in brokenness daily.

You can walk alongside those experiencing poverty, homelessness, and addiction in many ways, one being prayer. 1 Timothy 2:1 calls us to pray for all people, asking God to help them and thanking God for them. At the heart of the Upper Room Mission, we aim to share God’s love by caring for the poor and the hungry, easing the burden of the most vulnerable, rebuilding the lives of the broken, and providing dignity to those who feel cast aside. We believe in the power of prayer and the impact of community.Ā 

Because of this, we would love to invite Christian believers from all churches and the community to join our prayer team. We are looking for people passionate about intentionally praying for The Upper Room Mission, our staff and volunteers’ safety and God’s care for those struggling in our community. We are committed to equipping and supporting you as our prayer team members. We will provide a monthly update via zoom with all our prayer volunteers to share what is happening at the mission, our prayer needs and to encourage each other. We are happy to assist participants with getting on Zoom if this is an issue for you or we can meet with you in person.Ā 

If you have a passion for prayer and a heart for the brokenhearted, you can join our prayer team by filling out our sign-up form below. The Upper Room Care Pastor Brent Henderson will lead this initiative and contact you with further information once you have completed the form.

If you know someone who would be a great fit for this important ministry, please share this post with them.

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    3 July 2023

    Thanks for sharing your expertise; I’ve learned a lot from your post.


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