The Kitchen

Some people have to choose: Rent or food.
We feed them all, from little boys to elderly women.
Breaking the cycle of poverty, one plate at a time.

The Kitchen at the Upper Room Mission is not a soup kitchen. It’s a place where small miracles happen every day, for over the course of breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, our team prepares and serves nearly 300 meals on little more than hope and a prayer.

We rely on food from the community—from grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, farmers, and donations, and often our chef, Pete, only knows what kind of produce or meat he’ll have in store a day or two in advance.

And we never know exactly how many people we’ll be serving at each meal, though we do know the kinds of faces we’ll see. You might be surprised. It’s not just the homeless or the folks struggling with mental health challenges or addictions that we feed. We also feed seniors. We feed the boys and girls of single dads who can’t quite stretch their paycheque to the end of the month. We feed everyone.

And when the plates have cleared, we keep the door open and the lights on during the day so our guests can play cards, keep warm and chat with their friends. Because for many, this isn’t just a kitchen, it’s a community.

Get in the Kitchen

Volunteer your time and make a difference.

Keep the Kitchen cooking

Donate so we can buy healthy food for Vernon’s hungry. If you give us $25, we have the buying power to feed seven people.

Outside Catering Services

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