Together we can make a difference

The Upper Room Mission Society would like to thank the members of our community who attended last night’s town hall in Vernon.

“We recognize that there are passionate, caring people on all sides of this discussion and our hope is that this town hall will reignite community pride where it is flickering and facilitate further dialogue where conversations have stalled,” explained URM executive director Nicole Makohoniuk.

“We know that the Upper Room Mission has a huge role to play in creating a safe Vernon for all its citizens. We heard what was being said and we are moving on actionable suggestions.”

  • The Upper Room Mission has a range of day programs available to the public.

Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in our weekly yoga program or participate in our art projects. We also have daily chapel service and designated time slots for games like bingo, music trivia and chess.

  • The Upper Room Mission does provide meal services three times a day five days a week, but, we also provide the community with vegetables, fruit and bread to take at their convenience at various times throughout the week — with Fridays being the day we encourage community members to stock up on what they need for the weekend.

The Upper Room Mission is a community hub, and therefore should be safe for all community members, young or old, rich or poor.

  • The Upper Room Mission staff has and will continue to have, the difficult conversations with community members causing problems in and around our neighbourhood.
  • We have let our community members know that aggressive, abusive or criminal behaviour is not welcome, and if they are caught breaking the rules, they are gone.
  • We have, and we will continue to hold the drug dealers, pimps and violent community members accountable for their actions.
  • The Upper Room Mission has and will continue to reinforce our relationship with police and bylaw.
  • The Upper Room Mission has hired private security company Alpha Omega for evening patrols of the neighbourhood.

“We know that there are incredibly community organizations and businesses working together to make a safer Vernon for everybody,” says Makohoniuk. “We are all part of the Vernon community. We all call Vernon home. My hope is that we can all work together to achieve what we all want: a place to feel safe and pride in our community.”