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Serving 50,000 meals in 2022

Help us meet our goal

The Upper Room Mission serves 50,000 meals per year. The cost of providing these meals to the homeless, unsheltered and marginalized in our community is $3.00 per meal. As you look forward to a new year, would you consider helping us raise $150,000 to cover the cost of our meals in 2022?

We provide two meals a day, five days a week and one supper meal on the weekend. We are now open seven days a week to ensure no one goes without a meal, clothing, access to laundry, washrooms and a shower during the week.

What’s the big deal about a meal?

A meal at the Upper Room Mission means a lot to a person living unsheltered and rough. They have nowhere else to go, and the Mission is the only place in Vernon to receive food and a warm and safe place to belong. Besides the unsheltered people in Vernon, we also serve housed people that cannot provide for themselves. This could mean a person living in the shelter or supportive housing but does not have the ability to cook a meal or buy groceries. A pensioner who cannot afford the food they need. A single mom who needs extra support. Whatever our guests’ situation, we are here to serve them. 

Most people that use the Mission are poor. In fact, most people become homeless because of poverty and not having access to a community of support. We strive to be this community for them.

Please consider the Mission in your giving planning for this new year. You can help us ensure no one that comes to the Mission goes without a meal. We are in this together. Click the “donate now” to get started, or you can send a cheque in the mail. Our address is 3403 27th Ave, V1T 1S2 in Vernon, BC.

Thank you for considering helping the Upper Room Mission and the Vernon community. 

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