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October Prayer Requests

Proverbs 19:17 – Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.

For the month of September please join us in praying for those without homes in our city of Vernon.

It is estimated that approximately 224 people in Vernon are unhoused. This number is constantly fluctuating, but the issue of homelessness is a growing concern, not only in our community but across Canada. As the cost of living increases alongside a housing shortage and increasing rent and inflation, there will continue to be more and more people forced into homelessness. 

At The Mission, we serve many people living outside in rough conditions, living in their car or housed in temporary housing that is not a viable long-term solution for them and their families. This month we want to lift these individuals up in prayer and pray for The Mission as we seek to serve and find new ways to address these issues in our community. Will you join us? 

Prayer Points

  1. For our street entrenched guests to find connections to support that can help them find a way off the streets. 
  2. For the greater community of Vernon to come together to tackle this issue. 
  3. That every person who comes through the doors of The Mission will feel safe, loved and find connections to get the support they need to find a way out of homelessness. 

Pray With Us

Dear God, we believe that You have called all of us to take care of the least of these in our community. We pray for everyone in our community with no place to call home. Help us to find a tangible way to give back and support those in our community who need it. We pray that, as a community, we find ways to come together to work for a solution to this growing issue from a place of love, compassion and empathy. 

Give safety and strength to all our street-entrenched neighbors and those trying to find their way through the complicated system to escape their situations. We pray the Mission will continue to be a safe place for every person in our community. Bring the right connections and resources here so that we can help address this issue in new ways to see real change happen in our community. 



  • Kim
    21 January 2024

    I think it would be an idea if there was a list of people who have passed as I only find d out when I see pictures on the wall sometimes that’s the place family and friends only know of where there loved ones might go.


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