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One Step At A Time


Hi, I am Cynthia, the volunteer coordinator at the Upper Room Mission (URM) in Vernon, BC.

The URM restores faith, hope, and dignity to individuals who face daily challenges of managing poverty, homelessness, isolation, addiction, and mental health.

Ya’ know that feeling when you have been ill or out of sorts for a couple of days and you haven’t been able to shower or have a decent meal? You feel weighed down, unmotivated, and depressed. Frankly, you feel gross! Well, imagine that feeling daily because you don’t have access to a shower, the ability to buy and cook food, or put on clean clothes. Then you get to take a shower, don fresh clothes and eat a hot meal. Suddenly you feel better. Your spirits lift and maybe you can face the world with a little more ease. This is what the URM does for those of us struggling.

This May, I turn 60! I think heading into my 7th decade is a privilege. Many friends, family members, and acquaintances have not been so lucky. In the spirit of celebrating my good health, gratitude, and privilege, I am training one step at a time for my first 1/2 marathon taking place on June 15th, 2024 to raise $3000.00 for the Upper Room Mission.

By donating, you are helping to build another shower in the women’s washroom and to purchase additional kitchen equipment to continue to feed those among us who are hungry and unable to feed themselves. I am asking you to help me help the URM make our Community stronger one life at a time, One Step At A Time! 


Help Cynthia reach her fundraising goal of $3000.00

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