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We Love Our Volunteers!

A volunteer is “a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.”  In 2022, many volunteers returned to The Upper Room Mission after a difficult Covid season. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we would not be able to provide all the services we offer without them.

We currently have 52 volunteers who help us regularly, and they contributed 13,460 hours of support to us in 2022. These hours constitute a minimum of $228,820 in contributed economic value. What a blessing!

According to a recent study, volunteering profoundly impacts mental health. This may be because of the multiple benefits of volunteering. 

Here are some ways volunteering benefits not only you but also the community you serve: 

1. Giving Back Feels Good! It’s a great feeling to give back and support the place where you live. Vernon has so many wonderful organizations that support many different community members. It is a benefit for both you and our city when you volunteer.

2. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people! You will work with people you may not otherwise know, and it’s a great chance to develop meaningful relationships.

3. Volunteering provides support for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Getting out to move your body, connect with new people, and use your skills and creativity are all ways to feel better! Even studies show how doing good for others cultivates happiness in our lives.

4. Volunteering gives you new skills and opportunities for your career. The skills and knowledge you can gain from volunteering can be a considerable benefit in advancing your career, showcasing your abilities for future jobs, or helping you with school applications. Volunteering can expose you to new opportunities and allow you to try a new career without committing.

5. Volunteering is a meaningful act that can bring a sense of fulfillment and adventure to your life. Taking a break from our daily routine can give us a fresh perspective and help us develop clarity and creativity in our lives. 

Whatever your skills and schedule, there’s a place at the Mission where you can make a lasting difference. We are so thankful for our amazing volunteers and the community we have with them here. They make a difference by supporting all we do at The Upper Room Mission and our community. 

Considering Volunteering? 

We have multiple opportunities, and you can sign up today to strengthen our community and support our neighbours experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Some of the areas you can volunteer: 

  • Maintenance
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Services
  • Driver
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • The Boutique Thrift Store

Click the link below to join our volunteer community today!

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