Prayer Hands

September Prayer Requests

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

For the month of September please join us in praying for those affected by the Okanagan fires. 

As the long-term devastation from this summer’s wildfires for many of our Okanagan residents continues to unfold, let’s keep them in our prayers and seek to support and come alongside them in their hour of need. Let’s also pray that the men and women on the frontline fighting these fires are free from injury with no lasting effects from these wildfires. We also want to invite those staying in the Vernon area who have suffered loss from the fires to come into the Upper Room Mission for meals, use our shower, and take advantage of our laundry services as needed. 

Prayer Points

1. That rain would come and extinguish the fires still burning in our region and province 

2. That the individuals and families who have suffered loss due to the wildfires would receive all the resources needed to rebuild their homes and property.

3. For those who have gone through this challenging ordeal to feel the grace and love of God strengthening them during the tragedy. 

Pray With Us

Dear God, we ask that You send rain to extinguish the fires throughout our province. We pray for the individuals and families directly affected by these fires that they would receive your grace and provision, peace and comfort during this difficult time. We pray for and support our firefighters as they work hard to keep our communities safe. Please keep them safe and strengthen them in the dangerous and challenging service they provide. 

As a community, we rally behind the victims of these wildfires and ask You to show us how we can best love and support them through the grief and loss they face. Lord, help them in every possible way as they begin to rebuild their lives; we pray this in Jesus’ name. 


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