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Why Do Our Volunteers Choose To Give Back to The Mission?

We asked our volunteers why they took time out of their busy schedules to come into The Mission and support us and our guests. Here are some of the reasons they gave: 

“I volunteer because I’m doing my ‘small’ part in¬†giving back to the community, plus I enjoy doing my volunteer work” – Karrie.

“Being a volunteer at the Upper Room Mission kitchen could somewhat be seen as a selfish act as it’s me that receives the pleasure and satisfaction of being able to hand a home-cooked delicious and healthy meal to one of our many guests, knowing that¬†they won’t get hungry¬†for yet another day.” – Brigitta.¬†

“Volunteering allows me to explore a part of myself that I might not otherwise get to know.” – Barry.

“I volunteer because we are¬†meant for community, not to live a life of loneliness.” – Rochelle.

“I volunteer in the¬†Kitchen¬†because I love to cook and want to serve those in need. Why not combine my passion for cooking with service to others?” – Jocelyn.

“I volunteer because I have been very blessed, and I want to assist those who are sick, hungry, homeless, widows or orphans. As a Christian, scripture tells us to serve and support those among us who are less fortunate, so I give of my time, talent and finances to try and better someone else’s life.” – Jay.

There are so many reasons to volunteer! It benefits your community and the organization you choose to support and greatly benefits YOU.

What would your reason for volunteering be?

Some of the ways you can volunteer at The Mission include: 

  1. Helping in the Kitchen Рchopping, prepping, serving food, and washing up the dishes!
  2. Helping our guests find new outfits in their size and sorting through donations for our clothing center.
  3. Welcoming and caring for our guests on the main floor during and after meals. Wiping tables, saying hello and answering our guests’ questions when they arrive.
  4. Sorting through and supporting our¬†Thrift Store¬†– The Mission Boutique is a social enterprise of The Mission. This means that all the proceeds come back to The Mission. It’s an essential part of what we do, and we always need extra hands to keep it running well!
  5. Become a morning pick-up driver РWeekly donations must be picked up and dropped off at The Mission. This volunteer position is specifically for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. 

We also need volunteers to help us get our hair salon up and running! And we are always open to people with special skills that could benefit The Mission and our guests. 

Want to join our fantastic volunteer team? Click the link below to apply!

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